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Unmaintained Advanced Member Profile Search 2.0.1f

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Add custom fiels to search result page.
If update just upload files, no update via ACP need.
Add options to delimiter in field view. Comma (,) by default.
Add 1.2 compatibility
Also fix some bugs, refactor code and some change template.
Page in which You can find members available at this link: /members/search/

There is a problem with pagination, m. b. I fix it later.
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Added auto-complete fields for editing by the user.
If this part is slow work, you can turn off.
To disable go to Options/Custom User Field Search/

Autocomplete based on available data.
If user A in the favorite music group AAAAAAA specified, then when the user B enters in this field AAA, it will offer an option.
But if the user enters the BBB, he did not offer.

The easiest way to check on the location of the field, because in this field data exist.

In the previous release, again confused the xml files :confused: