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Abstract+ 2.1.3

No permission to buy ($20.00)
- fixed bug with custom slider
- working with latest XF
- some small fixes
- fixes with responsive design
- fixes with textinput color
- fixed long topic names with responsive design
fixed width with some bbcodes in private messages
- background node as link (option)
- hover on background node (option)
- option to remove latest posts and profile posts from main site

- turn on/off post icon (option) fixed
- width for other sites than main

- added option to buy removal of the author footer

(If you have Abstract 2.0 with nodes just rebuild plugin Abstract Nodes :))

- panel with announcements + permissions
- slider + permissions
- setting nodes in forum edit
- design fixes
- rewritten nodes
- more custom look
Sale -5$, before big update!
- support for one node (100% width)
- support for one forum without category
- some little color fixes
- fixes with width of some forums
- working with XF 2.0
- package updated