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Unmaintained [AA] Notable Members 1.3.1

No permission to buy ($7.50)
Warning: on initial install (or <v1.3.0), the User Cache rebuild task is kicked off to index the "last post" activity of users!
  • Post Rating support
    • Can now cache post ratings (Most positive/negative).
  • Fix performance issues with "Last Post" recent activity type
    • Adds a new table and a single query per post to populate it.
    • Initial population via the User Cache rebuild task approximates the last activity for performance, but takes time to build the index.
  • Option to not filter by recent activity
  • If caching is disabled, any cached entries are deleted
    • The cache may need to be toggled on & off to flush it after the User Cache rebuild task is complete.
Buy link, and other parts of the description where missed when updating add-ons.
I've taken over this add-on from @Daniel Hood, and it's now available on my site, Atelier Aphelion, for purchase and download. All future versions will be there, as well.

If you have a current license for this add-on, you can register it there (instructions are available here). You'll get a license from me (terms here), for the remaining duration of your original license, plus another 30 days - just a friendly gesture because of the inevitable delays caused by the hand-over.

My plan is to review and update this add-on to address any outstanding issues. Because I've taken over almost all of @Daniel Hood's add-ons, it might take me a while to get to this one.

To improve support, the requirements for this add-on have been updated:
  • php 5.4+
  • Xenforo 1.3+
Fixing another bug.
Fixed double resource tabs
Fixed error messages:
- ErrorException: Undefined property: XenForo_ControllerResponse_Error::$params,
- ErrorException: Undefined property: XenForo_ControllerResponse_Error::$templateName
- ErrorException: array_merge() Argument #1 is not an array
Modified it so that when it's time to get the updated information it's a deferred process. Now nobody should ever experience a slow page load.
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If you have XenForo's Resource Manager installed, you will now see a tab on Notable Members to show the user's with the most resources.
Created a new notable members section, "Most Followers". This new section still works with the caching if enabled. It also follows the recent activity constraints.
There was a bug with one of the options. It's fixed now. You may need to clear your cache (unfortunately currently the only way to do this is to go in your database -> xf_data_registry -> find the row called "NotableMembers" and delete it) for the content to be correct.
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