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Unmaintained [8WR] XenAtendo (Events) PRO 1.1.5

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This addon leaves much to be desired. No instructions and Support is about the worst you'll find on xenforo. A simple question about color (it does not play nice with PIXELEXIT themes) was met with sarcasm, after $70 purchase. NO QUESTION was answered, and I mean simple DAY ONE Questions.
Great calendar add-on with some unique features. Works great while testing it a whole working day. There are 1-2 flaws which have to be improved but these are no show stoppers. Mentioned them in discussion thread. Thanks for this add-on!
- Bad support, most questions are not answered, problems are not considered

- The events threads will NOT be indexed in the search engine anymore because the whole post content is replaced with a calendar BBCode. Your users will NOT be able to find an event thread using the search engine

- XF built-in PreviewTooltip is not working with this addon. Your events forum will be messed up and when users hover threads, the preview text will not display correctly

- No widget available for Widget Framework, you will have to spend another $40 just to get XenPorta to display the upcoming events

- Breadcrumbs are empty when adding or viewing an event. Same for the calendar and agenda views

- You have to manually add the image to the event AFTER posting the event. This can't be done on the same page

- Linking with Google API is not working

- No french translation

All these bugs and problems are NOT present in other cheaper calendar addons like [FS] Events
The add-ons of 8wayrun.com work well, and are quite advanced with a fair bit of features. However: after purchasing, expect not much support. you get the product what you paid for, and you unfortunatly have to do with it. I can try reporting bugs or ask for support, but i feel ignored and dumb. I have gotten a reply back only a couple times with a short reply of where to find something i need to then fix myself. Not just theming/css. Like he tells me "go learn how to code".
I can understand that the person behind it is quite busy with his awesome add-ons, but yeah...i would wish for some support.

With xenatendo 2 there are 2 bugs....or missing core features:
1. in the main calendar view, the timezone is adjusted to the user for event times. really awesome and working well. But in the event itself (when clicked on the event in calendar view) the timezone is not adjusted. ONLY in calendar view.

EDIT: 3 stars now, because while this one is fixed, however the widget he made for xenatendo is not editted to the user's timezone yet. So its still a bit confusing for user's if you use the "upcoming events" widget.

2. When creating a topic together with creating a event, it messes up the sorting of the blocks of a event. When creating a event without the topic, it works well. Might be the maker's personal preference, but meh, it looks weird and my user's reported its not really clear information. So right now it's better to create a event, then make a topic later.

So -3 stars out because i feel you are alone after your purchase. i have gotten other add-ons, some cheaper, wich all come with ubersuper great support, and also very friendly. I don't ask for alot. i ask for explanation, report bugs or ask for a modification if its possible or difficult to do. i do not get replies back.
And there are 2 missing features or bugs, wich are annoying.

I will update the review if the situation changes :)
I was looking for a good calendar application for my forum, Finally Jaxel made the XenAtendo 2 with a lot of options.
Thanks for the great support and updates.
I've been hoping for a revamp of XenAtendo for quite a while now. Very happy to see XenAtendo 2 hit all the needs I had for it
After a while messing around with the ever-buggy XenAtendo, @Jaxel rebuilt this from the ground up with many more options and a lot better functionality! Great addon, thanks for coming through with this one!!
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