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Unmaintained [3.studIo] Usergroup Ranks 1.5.7

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-Tested to be 1.2 compatible. Note that the "All usergroups match" criteria that ships with this addon is not removed - please ignore the option for now. This will be removed in 1.6.0 on 1.2 forums.
-Fixed a bug that may cause the cache to be invalidated incompletely.
Many of you have probably seen the newest HYS which features user group banners. I would just like to let you know that the development is not stopping because of this. This addon provides much more features 1.2 core doesn't (complex criteria, for example)

That said, I'm currently facing both SAT Subject Tests in 3 days (and ACT in 10 days), so I still want to focus on that. Once those two dreadful tests are over, development will be back on full speed.

As always, thank you for your support. :)
This release removed an obsolete file, and fixed a bug where the "Display Credit Notice in footer" option is ignored during footer rendering. (thanks to Tracy Perry for reporting).

Also, the credit notice is now in a div tag so people that have customized skins can mod the credit notice more easily.
(This update note is also a reminder for everybody to upgrade to 1.5.5 - the latest version. If you tried my add-on and didn't work, please try again - this is a tested release that works. Sorry about 1.5, please give my addon another go :))

Just want to let you guys know this addon is not finished. Here are the new features I've been working on for 1.6:
  • Rank import/export (for all of you designers)
  • CSS Sprite Sheet support (all CSS definitions are generated and stored in the cache if you have caching enabled, and all of them can be overridden in EXTRA.css)
  • Public page that shows all ranks available, with description and which usergroup displays this rank. Also support hiding rank for people that doesn't have them
  • Usergroup Rank display in Member Cards and Member Listing (as suggested by Tracy Perry)
Importers for phpBB and IPB may or may not work its way into 1.6, will have to see if I have time to do that.
ETA is unknown but I'm trying to finish before the end of the month. As always, thank you for supporting my addon!
After another 10 hours of going in circles, I am proud to announce that I have successfully fixed all showstopper bugs!

This release should now be stable enough for production use. I'm really sorry about all the showstopper bugs earlier. Thank you for supporting me and my addon!
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A few bugfixes in this version:
  • Finally remembered to include the LICENSE file in the zip, also fixed directory structure
  • Fixed Undefined index: dsp/user_group_ids errors during cache rebuilding
  • The "Any/All of the user's secondary user groups have a display style priority lower/higher than" criteria should now work as advertised (before this release, the criteria match code for any and all are swapped)
Another bug fixed
This release fixes the install error people are getting if they are starting out fresh.
After 10 hours of running in circles, 1.5.0 is finally ready! For people that installed 1.0.0, remember that this update will erase your rank display condition data (including usergroups) so backup the rank plan to save yourself some hassle restoring your settings!

Note on caching: Level 2 caching (rank definition, display style priority and user-rank association cache) is enabled by default. This level of caching requires you to rebuild user-rank association cache in the Rebuild Cache panel after editing the usergroup ranks.

This version adds the following:
  • Revamped rank condition system, using XenForo's built-in criteria matching system with a twist - much more powerful than the previous release! Posts count, secondary usergroups, display style priority, you name it!
  • Built-in caching system that makes sure rank display doesn't drag performance down.
  • An experimental vB3/4 importer for usergroup ranks. Note that this feature is experimental - this feature has gone through basic testing but may break down. Try at your own risk!
  • You can now style an individual rank with rank styling classes. Just put your CSS class in EXTRA.css and put the class in the rank display settings, and you're good to go!
As always, please donate if you like my work, and report any bugs you find. Thank you!
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The version 1.1 has been ditched because I rewrote the display condition system to use XenForo's built-in criteria system, added caching, added an (experimental) importer for vB3/4 and added advanced rank display styling properties. With so many new feature and improvements, a +1 bump is simply not enough.

v1.5.0 will be released this week (before 31/3). Please note that current users using 1.0.0 will lose all rank display condition data (including associated user groups) when upgrading to 1.5.0 due to the sheer amount of work needed to update everybody properly. I apologise, but I feel that the extra time spent on updating 20 installations correctly can be used for bringing more new features and polishing the code.

Please kindly donate if you find this add-on useful. Once again, thank you for supporting my first addon!

Here's some screenshots for anybody that can't wait:

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