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    Tool tip custimization

    Did you ever figure this out? I just noticed that my sidebar tooltips go off the screen.
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    Forum Vancouver

    Small regional forum converted from SMF to XF in 2010, only updated to the latest xF version recently. :)
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    Cannot reproduce Editor bug on IPAD : can not copy/paste

    One of my users is also having the same problem. Didn't get a clear answer about which iPad but they mentioned iOS 5.
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    xF Host Update

    Dilemma for sure. Truthfully if I was one of your customers, I'd be pretty ticked off about revenue loss and worry that it'll drag out for a few days. Judging from the roundabout answers OVH has given you, it seems to be a very low priority for them.
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    xF Host Update

    Perhaps you should switch data centers now and deal with OVH after. They don't seem particularly keen on resolving things. If necessary, file a chargeback with your credit card company. Worst case scenario, you spend 1 month cost to keep your clients happy.
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    Duplicate posts and threads

    Firefox. Good to know. I was worried that the template change was causing things to be submitted twice. I did have to change the query parameter for GCS because it was getting confused with the default built in search function.
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    Duplicate posts and threads

    For example, when I click "Create Thread" or "Reply", occasionally the post will be duplicated or even quadrupled. It doesn't happen every time and so far only affects my admin account which bypasses time restrictions. My mouse has gotten a bit wonky so I suspect it's just occasionally...
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    XF 1.1 My Forum's Getting Lots Of Spam

    Yes, my choice of words was off. Either way, they've either gone through their list of Xenforo forums and figured out our Q&A answers or they've made their bot smarter because after a couple of months of peace, the XRumer bots are back. Anyone know if is still working...
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    XF 1.1 My Forum's Getting Lots Of Spam

    Looks like they've figured out how to bypass Q&A and SFS. Might given keycaptcha a try.
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    XF 1.1 My Forum's Getting Lots Of Spam

    Any strategies that have worked in mitigating these new bots? Switching to a custom Q&A should work but does anyone have first hand experience? More info on why we are being hit hard:
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    Do you have an AngryUser ?

    Yup. Today, I was hit by a huge wave of Russian/Ukraine spam. Over 30 posts/day concerning male ED drugs, car insurance, and porno. Odd because my regular source of spam is from China/India/Sri Lanka. Did they break recaptcha or...
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    April 2012 Google Algorithm Tweaks

    So the day after was implemented, my traffic was halved. Of course, at the time I had no idea why traffic (and adsense revenue) dropped so dramatically. I thought it might have been a recent server move...
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    Terms and Rules Update

    I noticed my Terms and Rules were the old version, which makes me think that the master value for Phrases aren't updated with each version upgrade?
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    Customizing Default Notices

    Hi, I'm in the process of updating a 1.0 style to 1.1. I noticed that with the introduction of the Notice system, the 3 default ones have been removed from page_container. They were: Upgrade Pending Notice Board Closed Notice Awaiting Email Confirmation Notice How would I go about...
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    Locate Smiley

    I'm looking for an animated smiley that depicts a :) walking through a door, turning around and closing the door. I've seen it on various forums in the past but haven't been able to track it down lately. Thanks in advance!