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    Is the Cali Case harming VBSI's reputation?

    Don't forget Internet Brands don't just run forums they run loads of websites, so this case would have done them some harm, they will be perceived as bullies.
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    California Case Update

    Limited liability on that wikipedia page is when you set up a limited company, which by law is a legal and seperate entity, so any debts incurred by the company are not repayable by the directors of the company if a limited company becomes insolvent unless there are personal guarantees. It has...
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    xenForo meaning

    What program is that screenshot from?
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    Internet Brands claims against XenForo

    Let's put a little perspective on this, of course Kier, Mike and Ashley will be unable to comment on this, as far as I see it, now that IB have instigated proceedings against Xenforo then there will be no release or sale tomorrow, as no doubt they would be filing an injunction to prevent the...
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    Only 1,500 Members... so far...

    However trading still does not prevent a company from voluntarily striking themselves off. You can stop trading immediately then apply to strike yourself off.
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    Impossible to start reading unread thread from first post

    I like the way it behaves now, taking you to the first unread post in the thread.
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    Post Checking System - a hugely important piece of functionality

    Great looking system and a great idea :)
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    WikiLeaks founder charged with rape and molestation?

    The warrant has been cancelled:
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    Man, I need a coffee!

    I'll post up a photo of the coffee mug I used the other night, I had so much caffeine I didn't get to sleep until 3.30 am :)
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    Lack of interest Alert when someone quotes a post you like

    You would still have to visit the thread to read what was said. The alert isn't going to give the contents of the post as that would defeat the point of an alert.
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    vBulletin Refugee

    Depends what the policies are on intangible goods. Also depending upon how long ago you actually purchased a licence.
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    The End of The World in 2012?

    Could an undecided option be added?
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    The End of The World in 2012?

    Did the Mayans actually predict the end of the world, or the end of the world as we know it?
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    Who is Ashley?

    Yes get with the times self seal envelopes or get a wet sponge, not a very nice after taste and will prevent a cut tongue :D
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    CSS3 in xenForo?

    You could get internet explorer to work in linux via wine.