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    Who are some of the best XF developers and teams?

    Fahad should definitely be on this list.
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    Custom Addon Development | Xenforo 2.x | Xenforo 1.x | Custom Styling | Migration Services (9+ Experience)

    Fahad has just delivered another great job. I requested a custom registration system with recommendations and approval. New users have to fill a few required custom fields, then the post about their registration is made and other users (meeting some predefined criteria related to their activity)...
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    Custom Addon Development | Xenforo 2.x | Xenforo 1.x | Custom Styling | Migration Services (9+ Experience)

    Fahad recently delivered a custom add-on which was done exactly to my specification and worked like a charm from the very first version. The add-on was also ready for localization from the start and it was possible to further customize it without any need for an updated code. Great work, and...
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    Add-on Single-use embeddable serial keys

    We need a way to occasionally distribute various keys (mostly game keys) to our users. They should have a form of post-embeddable blocks, similar to spoiler tags. The key/serial number is hidden when viewed and revealed only when clicked but only to a user who clicks (reveals) it first, thus...
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    XF 1.5 Server error while adding style

    I'm attempting to install XenBase - Style Framework by Pixel Exit, a part of commercial style. The XML file is around 500K. It doesn't too take long to get the error, around minute or so.
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    XF 1.5 Server error while adding style

    When I try to add a new style I get 500 Internal server error with dreaded "Premature End of Script Headers", i.e. Premature end of script headers: admin.php, referer: The server is Dreamhost VPS with plenty of RAM, four times exceeding...
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    XF 1.4 Custom user fields in posts

    Yes, I got a simple plugin written for me.
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    Flat Awesome Dark - [Deleted]

    Well, the update removed all my customizations. Is there a way (in the future) to update and keep all my customized colors and stuff?
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    Custom Services

    Great developer, did even more complex plugin than I originally wanted which was great. We had some bugs but managed to squash them very quickly. Highy recommended!
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    Flat Awesome Dark - [Deleted]

    I have the latest version available here installed and this one has those problems. Is there a newer version available?
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    Flat Awesome Dark - [Deleted]

    There are a few color bugs (rendering stuff invisible or difficult to read), most of those can be corrected using Style Properties. But some are still difficult to fix. When commenting on Reported Content the text entry box changes background to while (inline background image is activated)...
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    Add-on [PAID] Inserting content of custom profile fields into posts

    I need a add-on which would replace some markup in the post content with content from custom profile fields. Namely, I want users to have links in some general posts customized for them based on their custom fields.
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    Flat Awesome - [Deleted]

    Is there a way of changing default fonts to others? The fonts provided look nice but show a lot of problems when diacritic characters are used, especially on non-Windows machines. Diacritics with different sizes/styles are used then.
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    XF 1.4 Custom user fields in posts

    Well, this displays custom field as a part of user information next to the post. I would like to use it in the post content.