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    Double Post Preventer

    Those Bugs are still existing. I didn't find the time to work on them yet.
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    Double Post Preventer

    strange, it works flawless here. Could i get the log that contains the php errors maybe? I'll investigate. Anyone else having problems?
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    Double Post Preventer

    yes, the newest version has this feature :)
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    Double Post Preventer

    Took us some time to realize that we needed more features :) Hope you enjoy!
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    Double Post Preventer

    tdev updated Double Post Preventer with a new update entry: Added Usergroups, merge time Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Unmaintained Double Post Preventer - Added Usergroups, merge time

    New features of 1.5: Added option that specifies the time until when to merge a post Added affected and excluded usergroups
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    Social Groups for XenForo 1.x [Deleted]

    Awesome software. However, we get overflown by un-maintained groups: . Could we get some useful features like: Sorting groups by activity instead by name: By name is more like when you search for something. The main group discovery page should be...
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    Double Post Preventer

    tdev submitted a new resource: Double Post Preventer - Prevents double posts by merging them Read more about this resource...
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    Unmaintained Double Post Preventer 1.5

    Completely free double post merger, simple and without any strings attached. Allows to specify the usergroups that are affected or excluded as well as a time for the merge to be done within. Only tested in 1.5.4, highly possible that it works in older versions as well. Known bugs: When post...
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    [TH] XenBlog [Deleted]

    Is there an importer for vbulletin blogs or chances of getting one?