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    Add-on XenPorta 2.0 Portal & Framework Crowd-Fund!

    We do know coding has begun, you have already asked this question and he did answer you long ago. As far as the beta your certainly right as he stated he has been delayed for the beta release and cant give a firm release date on the beta yet, and as far as completion date he still has till...
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    Add-on XenPorta 2.0 Portal & Framework Crowd-Fund!

    I cant speak for all his premium addons as I just have a few, such as torneo and rio and from my experience overall he's been pretty good. We've actually had several updates for xenrio with suggestions myself and others have made which have been implemented upon next release. I for one will...
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    Xen Media Gallery (Media Gallery for XenForo) [Paid] [Deleted]

    @Chris Deeming need some noob help pls, how can I get the thumbnails to automatically load for other media types? for example collegehumor thumbnails were pulled automatically in the old version, but now I just get no thumbnail with other media type vids. o_O
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    How okay are people with crowd-finding XF addons?

    I,m willing to throw down as well count me in for $50, this is a great addon that alot of people use, so hopefully we get a nice turn out for this crowdfund, as a an updated rewrite will be excellent.
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    Thank you kind sir, and Merry Christmas to you as well Adam

    Thank you kind sir, and Merry Christmas to you as well Adam
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    Paul Walker from Fast and Furious Franchise Dead..

    yea sucks, he just came off of a charity event for the typhoon in the Phillipines and apparently the road that his buddy was driving on were curvy/winding roads in a porche, ah, thanks for the good times and god bless
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    xBox One = Lose

    After all the stuff that went down with prism and only after the backlash are they now backing out I just don't trust them,it's to each his own,just as long as people are aware of what they've been doing and what there claiming there not doing now, its up for the peeps to decide and as for me If...
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    xBox One = Lose

    Another note you may be giving up your privacy as well by just using the xbox one its definitely a risk, as it must connect to the net at least once a day and you have to have infared activated as well, more info on that here
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    sonnb - XenGallery (XenForo Gallery) [Paid]

    dam it sonnb I have xenmediagallery and I love her, but your xengallery is starting to seduce me more each day, just looks to darn sexy, great work man
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    Happy Birthday Waindigo!

    Happy birthday!
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    XenCentral Invitation & Paid Registration System [Paid]

    @XCentral, Sorry if if i missed it but Is it possible to setup invite codes? for example (a member purchases a certain amount of invite codes and the invited guest has to enter in one of those codes upon registration)
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    Xenforo Gallery Options - Xen Media Gallery Vrs XenGallery

    Not goanna speak for Mr. Deeming, I'm just going to state that of these new galleries (both great btw and well worth the price imo) Mr. Deemings was first to market, so with being first you set the price as there is nothing else to compare with this type of quality gallery. Second his came out...
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    Multi-Quote Posts [Paid] [Deleted]

    same issue will there be a compatibility fix?
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    [8WR] XenRio (Streams) PRO [Paid]

    @Jaxel when you add this back in the next version can you please make it an option, because I actually like the current setup with the sidebar that shows other streams from the start and if you want to go side to side your just a click away.. thx in advance.... p.s. looking forward to xengrado
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    [Tinhte] XenTag

    just invite me to the group pc when u guys are ready to do this, i'll pitch in as well.