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    What Server Do You Use For Your Local Xenforo Installation?

    I'm using an HP N40L Microserver running a basic version of ESX. Got a Debian VM which matches my actual server configuration as closely as possible (Apache, MySQL, etc). Cracking little server, doesn't use much power and is virtually silent.
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    Welcome back Brogan

    Brogan's a decent actor too...
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    10/10, would lol again
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    California Case Update

    Tick followed Tock followed Tick followed Tock followed Tick... Here's to waiting ;)
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    California Case Update

    Good luck lads, fingers crossed for you all.
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    XF 1.1 My Forum's Getting Lots Of Spam

    Found this on wikipedia, might be of use if it is accurate... A way to stop this might be to create a hidden password field on the registration page, and to block the registration if this field is populated with any value (assuming the quote from wikipedia is correct).
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    MySQL Doing 1 Billion Queries Per Minute

    Thats impressive for a free application, given that some of our "tweaked" oracle clusters at work run at around 12m queries/sec.
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    [8wayRun.Com] XenAtendo (Events)

    I've got exactly the same problem...
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    whatismyipaddress down? ;)
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    What is your opinion of SOPA?

    The problem isn't the bill, but the people driving it. Copyright piracy has always been around in one shape or another since the event of taping and before. The industry has never really dealt with it. Instead of innovating and developing new ways of delivering content to consumers (using the...
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    What is your opinion of SOPA?

    VLAN traversal and 802.1Q nesting isn't on the CCNA (ICND1/2) syllabus. I can't speak for the CCNA security syllabus as I've never studied it. I don't see why you feel the need to look at/use double packet stripping? If you configure your switches as per best practice (eg tag all VLANs across...
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    What is your opinion of SOPA?

    This bill will hurt the US more than it will protect the copyright holders. With the risk of payment systems being blocked, DNS being blackholed, and domains being suspended, people will just seek to move their hosting, DNS, and business outside of the US. The internet was designed as a...
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    Server issue Emoji Icons - Posting from iOS devices to Xenforo

    Emoji used to be an iPhone add-on keyboard under IOS4, which could be installed via the Emoji app. I don't have it on IOS5 on my 3GS, so it must be a feature for the iPhone 4S onwards. It installs itself as an extra keyboard and uses it's own character codes for smileys. This isn't a bug with...
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    Lack of interest Hide User/User's content

    Recently, I've a couple of members coming forward to ask that their entire account and posts made by it be deleted. I can see why people are asking - I run a forum about Dance Music and Dance Events, and a fair proportion of the forum community on my site take drugs or have taken drugs, and...
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    California Case Update

    This is correct, the other admin (MoS) who co-ran my site with me at the time was about to take out a leased licence for 3.x in 2009. He got a leased licence weeks before they withdrew them. Come renewal time in 2010 I then had to stump up for a 4.x licence, which would cover the 3.x...