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    New Here

    Welcome to the XF community. I'm looking forward to seeing what you release :)
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    XF 1.3 Google+/Twitter Registration, User Upgrade Logs, Censor Improvement

    Time to renew :). Great work, keep it up!
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    MyBB Xenforo Theme

    Looks good, I'm really impressed with it. :)
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    Congratulations Mike and Jen

    Congratulations Mike and Jen! :)
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    There a good reason to have a "Trash" forum?

    I'm old school when I started running forums there wasn't an undelete option. I do use a "trash forum" still.
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    Anyone Use OpenOffice or Libre Office?

    I've been using OpenOffice for ages now. I'm happy with it, does everything I need.
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    Bacon or Sausage?

    Bacon! :)
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    California Case Update

    It's been a long battle but I'm glad this is all over. I look forward to seeing something from KAM. :)
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    The obligatory "Go XenForo!" thread

    I see history is ready to repeat itself :). And I thought my ex was hard headed.
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    vB 4.07 - import only users?

    When I converted from vB to xF I only imported the users. Worked out great, no problems at all :)
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    Show us your XF

    Thanks Peggy :). I plan on doing a custom skin at some point but I'll wait until the RC stages when changes are less likely to happen.
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    Show us your XF

    Lol thanks for the tip, I'll keep it just as it is then :p
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    Show us your XF

    At this time I have it placed in the PAGE_CONTAINER template. I might change that at a later time though :)