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    A few more migration issues: double posting / mods unable to ban

    I just moved servers and upgraded to PHP 7.3. Im running 1.5.24, which I know is unsupported but since this is related to a server move I figured posting it wouldn’t hurt. Right now I’m encountering three prominent issues: 1. Double positing. This doesn’t happen 100% of the time but it is...
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    Server Migration - Browser-Specific Display Issues

    It appears it was related to the SSL. I copied it from the old server following a guide and it fixed the display issue on firefox. The site currently displays fine on all three browsers. However, Google Chrome says the connection is not secure, though it says the certificate is valid. The...
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    Server Migration - Browser-Specific Display Issues

    I'm currently most of the way through my server migration. Looking and fixing errors before turning the board back on. Right now I'm having an issue where in Firefox (primary browser) 1) the www version of the site is broken (see attached image) and 2) the non-www version is missing all of the...
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    MySQL Version & Server Migration

    Thanks Brogan. When you say XF 1.5.24 is compatible with PHP 7.3, would that apply to 7.3.27, or only 7.3(.0)?
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    MySQL Version & Server Migration

    I'm migrating a 1.5.24 board to a new server. Old server has MySQL 5.6.41 and PHP 5.6.29. New server has MySQL 5.7.33 and PHP 7.3.27. Can I do a direct database restore, or do I need to upgrade MySQL on the old server to 5.7.33 first before restoring the database on the new server? My...
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    XF 2.1 Reducing widith of header and secondary navbar

    Yes, I think so. I managed to get the header section, but the bar that says "new posts" and "search forums" still extends too far left and right. It looks like the css class is p-sectionLinks It's Sub-Nav Row in Style Properties
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    Private Threads [Paid]

    A few questions: can this be set for only one forum, instead of a site wide option when making a new thread? If a user posts the thread without making it private, does it default to the forums settings? (Ie guest or membership only) If they mark it private it’s them only, correct? However...
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    XF 2.1 Reducing widith of header and secondary navbar

    I'm working on a custom style. The header and secondary navbar extend to the full width, but I'd like to limit them to the inner width displayed. I've spent a while exploring inspect > element and customizing the CSS with no dice. Can anyone point me in the right direction? See attachment.
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    XF 2.2 Different "avatar border radius" for threadlist v. postbit

    When viewing the list of threads in a forum I'm trying to design square stylized avatars like XF 1.5, but keep the circle avatars when viewing a thread. I know I can change the "avatar border radius" setting, but that changes it in both locations. Shouldn't be too hard with CSS, right? Has...
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    XF 2.2 Breadcrumbs

    I'm trying to stylize the breadcrumbs to reflect the 1.5.x reversion. I've tried on 2.2 but struggle to get the "triangle" are on the right of a link to successfully highlight. Tips / Pointers?
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    AMP or No AMP?

    Is the XF mobile style really significantly slower than desktop? Anywhere I can read more about it? Any idea why?
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    Any way to split test changes in XF 2.x?

    I’m making a lot of changes and would prefer to split test changes I make on the forum so I can more confidently make Im making the right decisions. I tried using Google for this on XF1.5 but sessions made it impossible. many solution or advice? Next best thing is to make the change and track...
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    FAQ Manager by Iversia

    @Iversia Sorry to bother you. I was also wondering if you were still planning on upgrading your FAQ Manager. Your last update suggested you would, but if plans changed I understand. I realize there are 2-3 options right now for XF2.x, but your version was perfect. The layout left no wasted...
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    Upcoming Google Search Page Experience update (Core Web Vitals are becoming ranking signals); how does it affect sites powered by XenForo

    I find Google’s continuous push of AMP distasteful and troubling. Whenever I encounter an AMP link I want to share I always have to take extra care to remove it and share the original. I was unaware Google moved to mobile only indexing. That’s absolutely wild.
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    Quick question on server upgrade / php handler / php version

    I'm upgrading my server to the latest version of EA / CentOS and PHP 7.x. During so, I will no longer be able to use FCGI as the php handler. I just want to: confirm that switching to SUPHP should be fine for Xenforo. determine what version of PHP 7.x I should upgrade to. I'm still running the...