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    When I try and upload the XML file I get, Error Line 25: Unknown tag: hook Help?
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    Associated Forum Users

    Now seems to be sorted, can a mod please close.
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    Associated Forum Users

    ..I've been added too the list but i still do not have permisson to post in those forums. Anyone help?
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    importing forums failed

    A screenshot at least? Is there page actually there?
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    Internet Brands claims against XenForo

    I couldn't agree more, i'm actually looking forward to the outcome of all this!
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    Internet Brands claims against XenForo

    IB will lose customers because of this, i see this as nothing else but an act of jealously.
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    [Suggestion] Member Map

    I've never noticed it before, i like.
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    Fantastic idea. I think an advanced referral system is needed.
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    [Suggestion] watermark attached images

    I like the idea but in my opinion people are suggesting very small features that would be better as an add-ons.
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    XF 1.0 File Upload and Image Placement Using Quick Reply

    The simplicity of this is crazy, this is why i love XF
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    Do you plan to run XenForo beta live?

    I will purchase depending on how easy it is too fully customize skins.
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    Interview with Ashley

    Very nice, i'll be sure too give it a read tomorrow after work!
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    Import vBulletin?

    But i don't have access to admin panel ;)
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    Estimated Sale Numbers?

    My email is safe. Nice offer but at the moment i'll have to give it a miss
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    You know you're hooked on XenForo when...

    ..when your replying to threads like so