I have been a very enthusiastic/devoted vBulletin fan since 2001. Internet Brands took over Jelsoft, and everything went downhill from there. Just a few hours spending here on the very first version of XenForo makes me feel confident/hopefull again... a feeling that Internet Brands is still unable to provide since they took over the former Jelsoft. What a huge difference! I am very curious what Kier&Mike have up their sleeves... if it is as good as it looks, they will have won over one of the most (if I may say to myself) enthusiastic former vBulletin (3.8 that is) promotors in just half a day... :cool:
(written on 29th July 2010)

February 14
Planet Earth, inside the matrix ...
Favorite XenForo feature
That it exists...
Trying to handle my divorce... from vBulletin. ;-)
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vBulletin 3.x




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