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    Ad manager [Paid]

    OK 1. I installed the add-on. 2. My andy_admanager template now looks like this… (Obviously with xxxx's replaced) 3. All the usergroups I want to see the ads (including non registered members) I think we've done everything right, but we've just received this from Google via e-mail. Any...
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    XF 2.0 Google Ads

    Thanks @AndyB Have just installed your add-on. Looks good. I've set up a Google Adsense account as instructed, but it clearly take a time to complete. I've installed the xenforo add-on as instructed too - including the permissions, but am I right in thinking that nothing will show up until...
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    XF 2.0 Google Ads

    Am currently running the most up to date version of xenForo. Our forum has grown organically over the years, and whilst advertising on it initially may not have been appropriate, we're beginning to think that incorporating some ads to a certain usergroup is the way forward. I've looked around...
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    XF2 Addons Version check [Deleted]

    That's a shame that it's been deleted. I use a load of @AndyB 's add-ons, and this looked quite handy. Unfortunately, some people just like to complain, so we'll say no more.
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    Slowing Browser Experience

    I understand how 'discouraged users' works, but does anyone know if there's an add-on which would slow down the browsing experience for someone who isn't a member of a certain usergroup? We have two basic uaergroups on our forum. Usergroup A is paid, and we'd like them to have the best...
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    Add-on I'd Really Like "Admin User Notes"

    Anything like this available for xenForo 2?
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    XF 2.0 How to change thread author in Xenforo 2?

    I concur with that. All of the @AndyB modifications are brilliant and well worth the small price.
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    Basic Static Widget Creation

    It’s be really useful to be able to create a basic static widget using xenforo’s built-in WYSIWYG editor. I know that you can achieve the same result using html, but for those of us who aren’t html experts, this would be much more useful.
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    xenForo v eCommerce

    Thanks for that @ichpen I was starting to come to that conclusion with Magneto. Presta seems pretty good from where I'm sitting, but I wonder how hard it'd be for someone to write a xenForo add-on, so that when they register an account on xenForo, it automatically sets an account with Presta...
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    xenForo v eCommerce

    Thanks Fillip. Thanks for your reply. We actually bought DragonByte eCommerce, and whilst it was OK, it didn't achieve what we were after. I really think we're looking for full-blown 'shop' that maybe has a link/module that lets our xenForo users log in using their existing details. Maybe I'm...
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    xenForo v eCommerce

    Unfortunately, I don't have a clue which category to post this in, so please move if necessary. We run a very lightly customised installation of xenForo, and all is good. Occasionally, we have the need to sell physical and virtual goods to a worldwide audience (we're based in the UK). Am...
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    XF 2.0 An exception occurred: [TypeError] Argument 2 passed to XF\App::getCustomFieldsForEdit()

    I ran these queries, and only the third one produced a result (four rows inserted). 1,2and4 did nothing. However, I'm running the latest version. Would that make a difference?
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    Add-on Custom Primary Usergroup Change Automation

    I’m currently looking for someone to write an add-on for our xenForo forum which is (and normally is) running the very latest version. We have two main primary usergroups “2” and “13”. When I run this new add-on, I want to turn all the people in primary usergroup “13” back to primary usergroup...
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    SQL Query

    You sir are an incredibly kind person. Thank you so very much for helping me with this. I'm now able to get the information I need to into Excel.
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    SQL Query

    That's great. Thanks so very much for this… Unfortunately, some of our members have put commas in the 'address' field, and it screws the order of the Excel file up a bit. I'm happy to remove the commas. How would I go about doing that?