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    Implemented Add a sitemap/quick navigation feature

    I use xml sitemaps for my vb have since the first time vb's sitemap generator dropped me out of google
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    XenForo - destroyed by vBulletin?

    I have had vb since they released 4.0.0 since then and 8 months later. I have had 4.01- 4.01 pl1 -4.01 pl2- 4.02 -4.02pl1 -4.03 4.0.3 patch- 4.0.4- 4.0.5 -4.0.5 patch-4.0.6 so I'm sure a new release wouldn't be out of the question, if you ask me vb stands for very beta. and still its the same...
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    Implemented Add a sitemap/quick navigation feature

    all I want is a user friendly product with the best SEO and sitemap functions, the forum I use now has never worked for sitemaps, and the seo is almost non existent, I sometimes think google has vb blacklisted :D oh yes mod friendly since that is what seems to be the natural progression
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    What do you think about XF's decision to hide user info in postbit?

    well its all a very clean easy to read overall product, I'm liking it
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    Is there a CMS planned?

    CMS is in no way a deal breaker for me, after all a front page is something anyone can do, it would be nice to have that type of integration but, by far user friendliness is the thing that makes forums great. and I know that these people have the right way of thinking to accomplish that task...
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    modification board

    sounds like you need a new modification board already
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    Is there a CMS planned?

    CMS would be good, my biggest gripe with VB is the the constant upgrades and patches. So some integration would be nice on release
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    How can we get a beta copy to test?

    I want.......................whens beta? will you have an image gallery or just url linking?
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