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    XenForo Limitless

    is there some cookie method used to save the style color?
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    Its a beauty better than some paid skins really love it
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    [SchmitzIT] Links

    nice work ill be adidng to my site now :D
  4. C skins now available

    any idea for the next skin release? :)
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    Should Twitter sue IB ?

    isnt vbulletin friend system already copied from myspace/bebo thing :)
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    Preventing un-licensed Pirates using our work ?

    do what vbstyles/themeincs does add text comments in images file :) its hard to remove those and if you see pirated website download the png and it would have who pirated the skin's watermark
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    Not a bug  BBCode inside CODE

    asdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hmm hi
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    Inspired or ripped?

    it looks nothing element using same colors but making a whole diff thing is not stealing I.P imho in the future even making a custom skin will lead people suing each other for using same colors even 1 color will make people think this skin will be stealing intellectual property 0o which is crazy
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    100,000 Posts - Congrats Xenforo

    Congratz =)
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    What comes around, goes around...

    haha yes when is stock of XenForo gonna be out ;)
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    Hello XenForo

    wrong person heheh its not sophie xie :)
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    Internet Brands claims against XenForo

    Buying Directly from vBulletin
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    Internet Brands claims against XenForo

    Video paul m to prove ?/?
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    Internet Brands claims against XenForo

    This should be moved to the test folder its done a great job on testing fast growing thread in 6 hours 33 pages its quite nice!