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    Use gallery media for article cover

    (maybe this is a general xF suggestion?)
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    Use gallery media for article cover

    Article cover should use gallery media, too. When using the gallery for media storage, it is not pracical to have to reupload an image to the attachment system just to have an article cover.
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    MG 2.2 Lightbox for gallery embed

    It seems this is still not possible. I have to say that I was highly disappointed when I noticed. It would have been so much more important to me than the lightbox navigation in the gallery itself. Please support this...
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    Open embedded gallery media in lightbox

    With a nifty lightbox navigation in place in the gallery, I fail to understand how the media in forum posts still don't open in a lightbox, at least as an option. If users click on an image, they normally want to focus on that very image. That is what lightboxes are for, and this is why the...
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    The Original OG's of Xenforo

    #68 here, July 29th. Mostly lurking nowadays, though...
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    Sort albums alphabetically

    The list of albums in the gallery is sortable by all kinds of things, but to my astonishment, albums cannot be sorted by title (alphabetically). Since, at the same time, album titles are also not indexed for search, I quite often end up searching through my album pages for a certain album. Given...
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    Implemented make XF2 lightbox function more consistent

    I disagree. Why not offer the additional functionality? Those who return to the text to read on can always do so. This is terrible for forums with lots of images per post.
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    Allow Invisible field

    I read that as an implication that this would be used as a way to get arount GDPR. Which it is not.
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    Allow Invisible field

    You see, even if I had to have my members accept it, I would do so in my privacy policy statement, not by having "VG Wort: " standing on top or bottom of my article. I have yet to see a website where they write "Cookie: " on every page that sets a cookie, or "Google Analytics tracker code: "...
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    Allow Invisible field

    What does that have to do with GDPR? There are totally legitimate reasons to have an invisible field in the resource manager. I'm testing to use it for articles, and in Germany we have a public institution that pays authors of texts of a certain length and quality from a public fund (not much...
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    Allow Invisible field

    For custom fields, I'd like to have an invisible option. For example, this would be useful to add tracking pixels.
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    Not a bug Upgrade overwrites translated/customised navigation element titles

    So I gather what happens is: When editing the Title in debug mode, I'm not really editing the item, but the phrase in the master language behind it? Good to know, didn't realize, although it makes sense. Might it be a good idea to drop daft users like me a little hint, descriptionwise? ;)
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    Fixed Description field cannot be emptied

    Hi, reproducable here: If I have filled in the description field for a media element, I then cannot empty it. Editing works well, but as soon as I delete the description completely, the edit fails (no error, the description just stays the same).
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    Not a bug Upgrade overwrites translated/customised navigation element titles

    Adding to this: I just tried to replace the xf_navigation table with the one from a test installation - interestingly enough to no avail. Also, looking at the database of one of my testforums where the translations still exist, there is a is_customized column in the table. It's set to 0 for all...
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    Not a bug Upgrade overwrites translated/customised navigation element titles

    My xenforo 2 installation is in German. It took me quite some time to translate all the elements in the navigation manager, since they do not seem to be phrased. Now I just upgraded from 2.0.4 to 2.0.5, and all the translated navigation element titles were overwritten. Please tell me I won't...