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    External Accounts Extended

    Hey, started to return error after OAuth on getProfiles method: Error: _actionRegister: $eeError Could not find "uid" in $eeUser. Dumping $eeUser array(1) { ["error"] => array(3) { ["error_code"] => int(8) ["error_msg"] => string(40) "Invalid request: v (version) is...
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    XF 1.5 Image Proxy

    @Mike If image source would be 404 on next update, image would be removed from Image Proxy cache too? If image source would return some kind of "image is unavailable" image, it would be updated in Image Proxy too?
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    External Accounts Extended

    It's 1.3.5. Please don't drop 1.3 support... D: (we wouldn't be able to upgrade it for few months) Needs to be mentioned: some other OAuth providers like VK or Twitter works fine
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    External Accounts Extended

    @silence Hi! Thanks for releasing this extention. :) Having issues on registering through Odnoklassniki. Pressing "Auth through OK" button, then approving OAuth request from OK, then filling username/email, pressing Register and white screen with url "forumurl/register/odnoklassniki/register"...
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    XF 1.4 My first problem in several years

    @isma Try opening Web Developer toolbar in your browser and see for any errors on resource loading. Try disabling some not very critical addon, one-by-one, to see if it's fixes the issue.
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    Implement Lazy Loading...

    Another reason for lazy loading option is heavy amount of external images in a big post with "proxify images" enabled, which results in a really huge amount of queries/checks, hanging whole instance for other users (or not). Usually happens because of broken images or slow end-point webservers...
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    So with Mandrill going premium, what are some alternatives?

    @Jesepi How about mailgun? Using it for a year already with no issues. It has totally the same free 10k messages/month:
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    [Nobita] Emoticons (User Smilies, Stickers) [Paid]

    @Nobita.Kun Thanks! One more question: Does "Import from URL" also saving remote image as an attachment? If not, does it support forum's image proxifying mechanism? It's quite essential from security point of view.
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    [Nobita] Emoticons (User Smilies, Stickers) [Paid]

    Is it safe to allow users upload their images? Does it use the same system as Xenforo's attachments? What path being used on server to store those files?
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    [bd] API

    What version of XenForo? What exactly goes haywire? Any errors in logs or on page?
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    XF 1.5 Ability to postpone some action, like remove group from user

    Brilliant. Many thanks! It would fit our case just perfectly.
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    XF 1.5 Ability to postpone some action, like remove group from user

    Is there any addon or already existing functionality that allows creating one-time actions with timer? Something that triggers after some time automatically? Example usage: Add user to Group1. Set timer task: Remove user from Group1 after 3 days. After 3 days, forum would remove user from...
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    Xenforo Monthly Subscription

    Looks like it's bypassable by buying first month only and dropping all others. Results in XenForo cost going down to 20$.
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    Lack of interest Bulk-upload pictures by timer with some interval

    When somebody, users or admins, wants to upload a bunch of fresh pictures, they doing it in one time upload, which results in ~30-50 new pics notification for everyone. Too many new content -> lack of motivation to check all of them in one time. Popular social networks have a functionality...
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    XF 1.4 Configure proxy to hide Image Proxy's backend origin IP

    I see. So currently the nearest option is to hardcode those params here? We're trying to hide out backend's IPs.