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    Mark Zuckberberg officially now owns the internet.. 5 billion more facebook members soon...

    What's wrong with that? If more people gain access to the Internet, who cares if facebook makes more money off of ad revenue? Seems mutually beneficial to me.
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    Leaving a forum to someone?

    Write an awesome script that works with your will? Here's an example: Your will says to enter a certain passphrase into a remote server, which triggers a script that 1) transfers your domains to someone. 2) Provides them with root access to your server. 3) Provides them with your host billing...
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    UK to ban Forums ?

    But the taxpayers have to fund the royal family, so whoever is on the receiving end of the tourists' money is being subsidized by the taxpayers. Also, the picture taking and memorabilia buying cannot be shown to bring more money in than the royal family spends(not to mention the price of...
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    UK to ban Forums ?

    Regardless of the truth of this statement(do you have any evidence?), is it not a form of wealth redistribution from the taxpayer to the business owner?
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    Corrupt a wish game...

    Granted, but I don't think you'll like what you find...: I wish someone would explain how this thread was revived.
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    Best way to save memory?

    How did you get it that cheap? Colo? Really shady host?
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    Any IT Guys/Girls Here?

    Perhaps completely off-topic, but we all need one of these, amirite?
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    Have I told you yet how much I like your avatar? Welcome to xF xD.

    Have I told you yet how much I like your avatar? Welcome to xF xD.
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    When will 1.2 Beta be released?

    It already has, if you have a TARDIS.
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    Disappointed in XenForo 1.2 ...

    Mike/Kier go to Off Topic forum, see this title and cry for an hour before they realize it was a joke. I hope you're proud of yourself, @Clickfinity.
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    WTF is wrong with Firefox?

    There's only one solution to the browser question: Chrome.
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    is growing a board that hard?

    Only thing I have to say about starting a forum:
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    Paris? Nice.

    Paris? Nice.
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    Iranian scientist claims to have invented 'time machine'

    "The 27-year-old scientist, Ali Razeqi, said the time machine works based on a complex series of algorithms and is able to predict the future from the touch of a user with 98 percent accuracy." I wonder what they've used it to predict? I will push this button eventually? lol.