XF 1.5 Youtube videos won't display in post


I'm running a fresh install of xF 1.5.11 with only 1 plugin; [Tinhte] Node Converter

We're not open and there are no members so I created one and am attempting to make a test post integrating a picture and some videos. When I enter the url of a youtube video, the bbcode is ;
but all that appears in the post is white space . I checked the bbcode media sites section in ACP and there is an entry for youtu.be . (it's a youtu.be video) I tested the embed code with a Vimeo video and it appears and plays as expected. The youtube just displays as white space. I even have auto-embed enabled and when posting either the embed code html formatting appears without the url portion of if just the plain url (not the embed code) just white space.

Hopefully there is a simple facepalm solution for this.


Well, that certainly warrants a facepalm...........

It displays fine in IE and Chrome for me, but not Firefox. (latest version)

May I ask what browser you used?


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I used Chrome.

Check for browser extensions, such as ad blockers, etc.

It's likely something specific to your FF configuration.