Lack of interest Youtube style single level threaded reply - feature request

Fahim Foysal

New member
It's quite difficult for a user to understand the conversation without reading through each individual reply of the original post in a flat view forum. This isn't a problem when the number of replies are small as a user can easily just read all of them but can become very difficult when the number of replies are big (50 for example).

The solution would be threaded reply but threaded reply can get quite messy and again it becomes difficult for a new reader to keep track of the conversation. The solution that I see is single level threaded reply. Youtube and facebook has it. It creates a single level threaded reply and from then onwards it simply tags the quoted user instead of creating a mess of infinite level. A screenshot has been attached.

Can we please have this as a feature of xenforo. It will make the whole thread easier to comprehend for new visitors and keep threads shorter as quoting other replies will not be needed anymore.