Implemented Youtube embed to allow start time

Mr Lucky

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When you paste a Youtube share URL that has a specific start time, this start time is ignored by xenforo.

I think it would be good if the embedded video started at the start time.

As this is a default option in Youtube share link, I think it we good if it was the xenforo default behaviour.
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I probably misunderstood your whole post, but here goes.

The start time isn't ignored, it's that YouTube remembers a point you were at and, if you didn't watch the video until end, it will set you there, but a bit back, the next time you come to the video.

As an example, this will (or should) start at 1:00:

Raw link:


Mr Lucky

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That's right, the link is bound to work, but the embed bbcode takes out everything except the ID


And renders on the page (if you view source) as iframe without the timestamp:

<iframe width="500" height="300" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


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Yes, please. Currently, it's not possible for users to tack e.g. &t=1m30s to YouTube videos and make them start at a certain point. Quite a few of our users are used to doing that and are disappointed to find that it doesn't work in XenForo, so it would be really nice to have this functionality in the core.


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If you are voting for a the first post...devs dont look at +1 within posts to gauge idea popularity because if the thread turns into a 20 page thread discussing the is hard to tell the level of interest without investing a lot of time.


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Many thanks, however this should be in the core of xenforo, I'm trying to avoid too many addons, especially if they aren't maintained
Generally speaking YouTube doesn't have to be maintained so much (ids are 11 charters a-z0-9 and -_ and probably aren't changing any time soon, and seconds are pretty constant for the average person and probably in no danger of changing) other than maybe tweaks down the road to the embed/id format of the iframe url.

The addon part of it is just a means of easily adding it to your forum, once on there, you can literally disassociate the bbcode from the addon, delete the addon and the bbcode will remain.

I could document how to edit the existing mediasite for yourself (making it not be an addon) but it would take longer for me and any one using it and have the same exact end effect with no more or less of a load on your server be it included stock , installed as an addon or by you changing it yourself.

Either way I understand your point of view and was just offering up for the folks who wanted to easily add this functionality without thinking and without waiting until a time where this may be added into the just another member here I can't give you the steak you asked for but I can offer you a piece of cake I baked up earlier and just frosted to hold you over until dinner type of thing type thing.

Basically my logic was that if it was going to get 3rd party released in the meantime, that the format of the parameters stored (vidId timeStamp playlistId) should be something that one could easily write a regular expression for to change the syntax if needed for a day where XF may include it, so I threw it out there to help the people looking for an immediate solution that could easily get tweaked (the actual bbcode string in the posts) to support a core inclusion of this functionality if it does come to that so they wont be stuck with a bunch of bbcodes that don't parse.

All that said I can add it myself so I don't so much care either way if it get's added to the core but I see no reason why it couldn't or shouldn't be (there are obvious and not so obvious benefits to it) so if the suggestion gains some traction I will add my like down the road to show support.