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Your "Online Status Timeout (minutes)" settings ?


Well-known member
I've left it to default.Is there a best value? If you want to give the impression that people are on your forum (active on the online list) set it to a high amount.

Set it to a value your happy with.


Well-known member
Mine is 60 minutes :D

Thus changing this to 15 minutes save's bandwidth?
Or What is the best value for this?
If you have a lot of registered members visiting your forum, setting this to a higher value will increase resources. The default value of 15 mins works well for most.

Mine is currently set for 15 mins, but when I open the forum I'll change it to 30 mins, only because it is a writing forum and some will require that amount of time for making a reply. This way curious members can see that if someone is viewing a thread for the last 20 mins or so, they may be writing a reply.