Lack of interest Your Content with Activity


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When I visit I like to check if anyone has replied to a thread in which I've posted in. To do this I head to the 'Your Content' page and then open all of these threads on the first page.

My suggestion is for this page to identify threads that have been updated since my last post, something similar to the mock-up attached.



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I think the alert system does this for you, does not?

Whenever someone post in a thread that you've replied, you will receive an alert. But you have to check the option in Preferences:

Automatically watch threads that you create or when you reply...


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True, I did find that and have since set threads to be auto-watched when I reply, but on my own forum that will be thousands of threads after a while. I think showing a reply count since your post on 'your content' would work nicely for users who don't tick that box.