Your account upgrade (subscription) strategies

What do you find works best?

  • Choice of annual/monthly at same cost per year

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Mr Lucky

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I realise the poll is probably a bit flawed but it's mainly to get some discussion going and hear about your experiences with various options. If I've missed a very obvious and important poll question, let me know maybe I can edit it ion before my editing deadline is up.

Anyway please let's hear what experiences you've had, mistakes you made, successes you've had what works best etc...

I haven't asked about possible upgrade rewards in the poll (access to restricted forums, banner styling, user privileges etc) because there are so many variables and different things relevant to different niches, but it would be good to hear what your users find useful in that regard.

In my case they get access to a restricted forum where I make downloads/music available, but also they get
  • More Conversation inbox quota (thanks @Xon )
  • image & attachment, quota
  • Purple banner
  • Profile posts (nobody uses them though!
  • More lines, words and links in signature
  • Use of forum where ebay/reverb ads can be linked to
  • Like
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Mr Lucky

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Interseting about those not bothered with paypal alternatives. I'm aware some people really don't like it, or like to boycott it even though you can use it for card processing directly without having an account