Cannot reproduce  "You must wait at least 30 seconds..."


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My apologies if someone has already posted about this, I did a quick search and couldn't find anything. With the last two replies I've posted, I've gotten this error, and the posts were about 5 minutes apart :| I've attached a screenshot...



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And I'll add, the post went through even though the error popped up - both messages were posted using quick reply.


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I got this error-message also a couple times, although my post was submitted immediately.
Not sure why this Error comes up when the post gets submitted anyway ?


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I get this a few times when I post in FF3.6.8

I got it just now in fact - it looks like it is doing a double post...


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Mike, can you please have a look into this ?

This error-message always pops up when submitting a comment.
Using Firefox 3.6.8

Many thanks !


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I've never seen it, but I would get a double post since I don't have flood check (nyah nyah! ;)).

If you're getting it regularly, open up Firebug and see if you can see what's happening with the requests. Are they being fired twice immediately? (Like an accidental double click thing) Or is there something else going on?


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