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You help me with this error

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I greeted him,

I have this error but do not overcome, this morning I had to ask him to help me fix this fears.

You install the avatar icon displayed for members last post by add-on: Waindigo.

- Icon is out now.
- The other is in the box
- Own only 3 box: international news, local news, technology news, the error in capacity in line ...

I see more households with children.

I find the code that does not place. I am helpless and heartburn.

image and error:

1- giao dien.png

Image icon avatar when installation completes

2- bi loi.png
In the box, the culture Sports error warning

3- bi loi.png
And more errors of this type

4-bi loi.png

Error occurs at line 121

I do not know how to fix that place again.


1. http://www.114.vn/forums/tin-tuc-trong-nuoc.59/
2. http://www.114.vn/forums/tin-tuc-quoc-te.61/
3. http://www.114.vn/forums/tin-the-thao-van-hoa.62/
4. http://www.114.vn/forums/tin-tuc-cong-nghe-24h.113/

Thank all my friend
Not open for further replies.