You are looking for a xenforo hosting, try this one


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After a few tests and unhappy moments, I discovered that i can host my xenforo hosting on this wp hosting service (Starting at $ 25 per month)


1 - It is cheap
2 - 5 star Help support
3 - Free CDN
4 - Free SSL
5 - You can use you domain for email, but with SMTP (tested, work perfectly with xf)
4 - You have access to xf files on server


5 - On the same pack, you can host 4 more site.


1 - ZipArchive is not active, so, you have to install an addons, in the old way but without xml

on the image my addons installed..



I feel a good speed on website better than A2hosting VPS, To whom I gave two opportunities but in the end I was disappointed.


I hope you find it useful.
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