Yep, I have questions..

I'm seriously considering buying Xenforo, but I have questions:

1) If I import from vb 3.8.2, what can I expect will be included? Will I retain all my categories, forums, user permissions, user groups, etc? What can I expect to lose?

2) Is there a way to restrict viewing of the member list to users who are not logged on?

3) Is there a way to add a sidebar to subsequent pages (that is, pages that are NOT the forum home page?

4) Is there a way to add an announcement to the top of a category? What about stickies?

5) Can I add a message in the log in box for people who are not yet registered? How?

6) Any provision for auto-emails, for birthdays or inactive members?

7) Can I delete "latest member" from forum statistics? How?

8) Can I customize the email that goes out to those awaiting confirmation? How?

9) Is there a way to ban certain words or phrases?

I know this is a lot, but I appreciate the help.


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1. See attached screenshot for what is imported.


2. Yes, all done with permissions.

3. Yes, easily done with a template edit:
How do I add a sidebar to other views or templates?
Sidebar content

4. Yes, 1.1 has a notice feature. Sticky threads are possible. Or you can add a custom template.

5. Yes, a template or phrase edit.

6. Not without an add-on.

7. Yes, a template edit.

8. Yes, edit the phrase.

9. Yes, there is a word filter.

For more information, check the FAQs and Help Manual: