Yearly refreshing of XF memberlist?


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Hi guys.

We have a few hundred users that pay a yearly fee (with their bank account, outside of the Xenforo system) to be part of an association.
As an extra benefit, they are then granted access to a Xenforo forum if they so wish.

Some pop in for a year only, some members pay every year.
And anything in between.
There are 6 usergroups.
Only the basic member list should get updated yearly, the ppl in the other 5 usergroups are there to stay and do not get changed yearly.

Is there a any way to import/refresh the basic members list easily every year?
Without messing the database and the connection to the recurring users old posts?


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There isn't anything that would do this out of the box. The member list only skips people if their accounts aren't valid (not any user group-based limits).

Tom McIntyre

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We have an association with 13,000 members who pay annual dues and have extended privileges on our message board.

I query the organization database to get a list of members with email and their current status and then run a set of update queries to set all of those in the premium group to the normal registered user only and then re-instate their premium membership if they show up as current in the membership database.

If one of our association members happens to register on the message board as a standard registered user, they get converted to the premium membership if their email matches an email from the current membership. Similarly, if they have dropped out of the association for a few years, when they rejoin their premium group is renewed.

That is the core of what the queries do, but we also gather other information from the association member database and use that to populate custom user fields on the message board.

This was developed using phpMyAdmin and manually running the queries. It would be nice to put a data connection between the two servers involved and automate the entire process. It only takes about 20 minutes to do it by hand and I do that once a month, so I have not had enough incentive to do it right.


I'm using the Xenforo SDK to do this, but it was a bit of a headache to get setup.

And you still have to have some kind of database with the member names and their XF user id's. At least the way I'm doing it you do.

Tom McIntyre

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Unless the circumstances are very unusual, all users of a forum have unique email addresses. Not all members of our association furnish their email addresses and those who do not are just left out of the process.