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Yahoo Groups

I've searched the XenForo groups but could not locate an answer that made me comfortable buying your product...

I run a private yahoo group that has been active since 1999 (wowzers)...

For the curious it is the Toyota Motor Home group that deals with help and advice for owners of these old (1975-1991 built) mini motor homes

there are 8,000 very active members (1k-2k posts a month).

If we move to a web based forum we need to export and import the tens of thousands of existing posts into the new product.

There are also hundreds of files, and photo galleries that I would like NOT to loose.

Is this possible with your product and is it a click, snap, wow that was easy function?

If there is not a plug-in for this task can someone explain how we would go about migrating?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
There is no built in importer for Yahoo Groups and I'm not aware of a third party add-on, so you would need to have a custom solution developed.