[XTR] Hide Links and Codes

[XTR] Hide Links and Codes 1.1.0

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Hi, @Dnyan Deshmukh
I agree with you
Thanks for your feedback but I have to know, which add-on do you use? (For [Hide = until reply] )
I am Using KL editor which gives me this option and the code is
[HIDE] content [/HIDE] this automatically makes content hidden till reply.

I did not remember exact settings which i did but its a feature of KL editor.

As xF2.1 have editor with table function, i wish to switch to default one and reduce the addon.
Only function which will miss is hide code.

Sample thread where hide code is working for your reference


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Does it hide all of the URLs including internal links?

If it doesn't affect on internal links it would be great, also I think If there is an option for specifying nodes will be a great option too.

Thank you


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I tested this one on Xenforo v2.1.1 and when I login as admin or user
it still hide links. I mean even if I refreshed the page it keeps hiding links forever.

You should be sure permissions are correct.
It's working on my site!



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I think if an option was added to make an exception to the internal links would be great
Thank you for the great add-on
I have a question
Do you think about making it driven in the future؟