[XI] Blog [Paid] [Deleted]


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I'm deleting this add-on… Does anyone know which files n folders to delete from the server?

I don't want to risk deleting an important file from the server.



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Yup... this is why even after buying it, testing it, and then following the developers lack of ability to come through with what they stated here, I never installed it on my site for users. Gonna, gonna, gonna, was sold... never, never, never was the reality.
I'm still running LN Blog...getting a few errors here and there, but for the most part it works...for now. Didn't want to throw up the beta of XI Blog because there seemed to be more bugs that needed to be worked out.


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Honestly, if someone wanted to make a new blog add-on I still have all of the mockups and all of the project planning I had done for this.

I'm still trying to get someone to update it for my personal use because the other blog add-on just doesn't offer the functionality I need.

Speak to @Aayush, he may be willing to do something for it.


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It's a shame this plugin died :(

And exactly the reason why I personally never install any third-party plugins... sooner or later you risk running into serious problems as has been demonstrated above. The vBulletin Blogs and Albums are a vital core part of my vBulletin 3.8.x powered platform and I will never be depended on third-party plugins/developers to facilitate this important functionality. I am therefor very pleased to read that the concerns I posted here are now solved by the incorporation of the Xen(foro) Media Galery. One vital part of the problem migrating our vBulletin powered social media platform to Xenforo solved. I hope it really doesn't take another 4 years for us to be able to switch to Xenforo, because there's still the second vital social media functionality missing:

It seems that XenForo is in need of a Blogs addon.


I truly hope that the newly incorporated XFMG is a sign that Xenforo Ltd. is serious about attracting more customers who are looking for a social media platform instead of 'just a forum'. I do realize that not everyone needs a Blog or even a Media Gallery/User Albums attached to their forums, but many people are in need of such functionality. Especially those potential customers who are running on vBulletin or Invision at the moment and make full use of their Blog and Album functionality. It would seem odd/incomplete if Xenforo would only offer Gallery/Albums and no Blogs. Hopefully the recent addition of the new developer can make a difference.


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Man. :( I was hoping to download this again and was trying to figure out where after I paid for it. :( Dammit!


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I would never have predicted that 5 years after the xenforo launch ... People would still be waiting for a good blog.

No CMS, no Articles, no Reviews, no good Classifieds either. ;-)

Serious Developers just cannot calculate the amount of work that needs to be done for those large add-ons with the prices people would be willing to pay. None of them could be sold under $150 per license to get the developer paid for his work. And who would be willing to pay that much?

Also you cannot be sure what XF plans in the future, so it could happen that someone codes many weeks to get a blog done and a week after he is ready XF publishes its own blog.

I think we would have more of those larger add-ons if XF would publish a road map or even a possibility of such core add-ons.