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[XFStyles.net] XenOrange pro

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Version: XenOrange pro 0.4

Bildschirmfoto 2010-12-14 um 09.17.44.png

Bildschirmfoto 2010-12-14 um 09.18.10.png

It`s very easy to change the colors:


ZIP Contents:
-xenorange image directory
-style-XenOrange pro.xml

Version 0.2:
- now ready for xF Beta 5

Version 0.3:
- now ready for RC2

Version 0.4:
- updated to 1.0 stable!

If you find any bugs or need support please post in this thread and not via private message. Thank you

Note: XenOrange is a beta version. Stay tuned for further updates!






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It`s already possible. Go to your Admin CP -> Appearance -> Style properties (choose XenOrange) -> General -> Page Width Controller: check the box "reset" and save


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Thank you , thank you , thank you.. I bow at your feet...

This will be one of maybe 3 skins I will have on a live board as its similar to a skin that we had from vBStartup before they sold out to Forum Monkey.

I love the skin in general, though if you go on the help page, the primaryLightish color blends into the background. (bbcode help page is noticable the most). I changed it to ffcb7c though you will probably know of a better color for that.

Edit: primaryLighterStill is another - make that darker as well and it should look good with XenPorta


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Tried this one out as a temporary theme but it doesn't feel finished in areas. Looking very good though, one of the best I have seen so far.
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