Fixed XFMG vBulletin importer not limiting the title of media


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I don't know how but in my vBulletin there were some media with extremely large titles.

The problem is that those entries are being inserted in the sitemap files and Google Webmaster Tools is complaining: "This is not a valid URL. Please correct it and resubmit."

Perhaps you should add some code in your importer to "break" very large titles.


Chris D

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"Very large" is somewhat of an understatement. An invalid URL would be over 2,000 characters.

That said, we do appear to be using a field named "caption" from vBulletin for the titles which does imply a longer value.

I've never seen this come up before, but to be safe I'm shortening the length of the title during import to be no more than the xengalleryMaxTitleLength set in options.

This affects both vBulletin importers.