Not a bug XFES & custom ordering

Affected version
2.0 Beta 1


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XFES 2.0 Beta 1 assumes any SqlOrder is a date range search, despite ElastciSearch supporting ordering on any definable column.

This really comes down to the design flaw where SqlOrder does not surface the column name & direction for sorting as explicit options vs a generic pieces of SQL.


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While you're correct that results from Elasticsearch will be ordered by date if a SQL-based ordering scheme is passed in, that doesn't mean that the results are ultimately ordered by date as they are sorted by the SQL order after the fact. The only other alternative would be a relevance based sort by default and clearly there will be situations where either approach may be more correct.

Note that if you're guaranteeing a behavior is only available under XFES, you should be able to pass any string into the orderedBy method and then handle it in the source handler.