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XFA submitted a new resource:

Who Read This Content - You want know who viewing or has viewed or has watched content, this addon will help you.

Why ?

Why did I do this addon rather than updating "Who read this thread"? It's simple, in order to implement as many features as possible, I had to completely rewrite this addon, so it's not an update.

Also, users who don't want additional functionalities other than Who read this thread, can continue to...

Read more about this resource...
Do you have plans of adding separate permissions for own threads and all threads similar to your other addon (who read this thread)?

I have the OZZ Mod "who read this topic" and I was looking at your version of it because I lose the history every 30 days or so. I know I can change that to 90 but when I came across your "Who read this Content" I was very intrigued because it is a lot more configurable.

So the question I have is....

I want to have a log of...

A list of what members read the topic
How many members read the topic (total)
How many guests read the topic (total)

I want these totals to stay and never reset to zero

Is your "Who read this content" able to do that for me?
I want to configure the Who Read Block to track the last 30 days (240 hours). There is a field for this setting, but it is not preserved when the settings are saved.

I would also like to edit the phrase Who has viewed this Forum to be Who has viewed this forum (30 days). I could not find the phrase in the phrases listing.
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