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[XFA] Location Cloud [Paid] 1.0.0

Add a tag cloud based on what users write in the location field on their profiles

  1. XFA

    XFA Well-Known Member

    XFA submitted a new resource:

    [XFA] Location Cloud - Add a tag cloud based on what users write in the location field on their profiles

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. mcatze

    mcatze Well-Known Member

    Is it "Widget Framework"-ready ?
  3. Fredxd

    Fredxd Well-Known Member

    It works when Widget Framework is enabled but there is no widget included.
  4. electrogypsy

    electrogypsy Active Member

    can you clarify this?
    • Included groups : Only members information who have secondary groups as the selected groups will be displayed
    i generally don't have my registered members in a secondary group. does this mean their location won't show up?
  5. Fredxd

    Fredxd Well-Known Member

    You understood indeed.
    After it is possible to modify it for pick in primary groups. If this interests you, buy the addon and create a topic on xfa and I will give you the change to do ;)
  6. ABm4m

    ABm4m Member

    I like the idea of tagging by user location. Is there also a way to tag by user custom field?
    For example, I'm hoping to build an LGBTQQ2SAA forum and everyone is asked to indicated what their "pride" or sexuality is.
    So, lets say LadyEllen posted on a forum and she's a Lesbian living in Los Angeles, CA, it would be awesome to see the post tagged with her "Pride" field as well. Then I would buy it for sure :)
  7. Fredxd

    Fredxd Well-Known Member

    Can you create a thread in our forum please about this and explain a little more what you want

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