[XFA] Image Slider

[XFA] Image Slider [Paid] 3.0.0

No permission to buy (€4.00)


Can you screen me where you want put it and what is your configuration and post all in our forum support please
I've managed to make it appear on the forum list, but is there a way I can get rid of this grey bar underneath

I also dont get how the timings work.

I want my slides to switch every 4 seconds so do put 4000 for smart speed?

Also why is this grey bar overlapping the banner

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What is the url for the slider? The Manage Slider link is not showing up in the navbar, I have tried /slider and forums/slider but nothing works.


2 Quick Questions before i pull the trigger...

1 - Will this Slider work with XenPorta 1.2.2?
2 - Can it use 'external' images, so a URL to an Image hosted elsewhere as a Slider?