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I have a problem with my forum... We changed to a new server, and to move it on the new server, we see that our xf_search table is 360GB...
And this make problems...

That's very big and not normal.. I know, a few months ago, the forum database + ftp has approximately 120GB..

What's happen there? Can someone help me?

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At the moment I have the problem that my old server crashs all the time, so I have no real possibility to reach my forum and rebuild the search.

And normally I should have the elastic search. It's already much years ago, where it was installed, and we had a few server changes. How I can see if it's installed or not?
A question:

It should works, when I move my forum from the old server to the new server, but I don't copy the xf_search?

And than I will rebuild it via admin.php?

Or the forum absolutely not works, when I don't copy xf_search table?
When you are using the ES add-on you don’t need the xf_search table (the data).
Just empty the table, move to another host (make sure Elasticsearch is available!) and rebuild your search index with the add-on installed/enabled.
I will ask something while moving the forum from one server to another server. Or when I'm taking backups in a few ways. I am copying the forum files. And I'm copying Forum mysql a few ways. Then I use plesk as the server operating system. I'm taking a server backup of Plesk. Last time I changed server, I installed Pleskin server backup to other hosting company. The forum worked.
Previously, I installed plesk on the opposite server and placed the forum files and mysql. It worked again.
Are these methods not correct?

I repeated this process 5 times. Haven't had a problem with any of them. You're talking about 360GB backup. My server backup was 740 GB, with 10 days of backup in it.
In my opinion, there is no need for such things when moving the forum. Direct backup move... Even if the file size is 2 TB or even 6 TB, it will be moved even if it takes a while.
Also, sir, it is possible to do this migration directly from a plesk server to a plesk server. But I have never tried this method. In this way, the transport process will take place faster. The speed of the server is not the same as the speed of your computer.
@nicodak Also, I'm not an Englishman. I'm a Turk. My English is not good at all. I just saw that there was a forum migration issue. I wanted to check whether these methods are correct for moving the forum.

I guess your friend's main problem is the bloat in the forum search system, if I'm not mistaken. Is it correct?
I see my elasticsearch wasn't activated on my server. Now I have activate it, but I make a mistake in the elasticsearch IP. But I don't see, where I can change it, after it's already enabled? :S
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