Add-on [XF2] Guest view image attachments

I see several posts asking for functionality that allows the Guest usergroup to view attachments but limit it to picture attachments only. This would be useful for image extraction when posting to social media as you could make it pull images attached in the thread rather than your opengraph image resulting in better social media posts. Many good posts with hot linked images result in 404 years later when the hosts either remove them or disappear all together. Well ranked landing pages with image attachments result in a poor experience for guests as well.

I am aware you can allow guests to access all attachments but many admins would like for guests to see the content inlcuding images, but be forced to register if they want to download the "download". I think this issue is largely resolved when you use the Resource Manager but I have thousands of thread attachments and won't be moving them all to the resource manager (unless someone makes some awesome converter that does that, would be amazing as well).

Thanks for reading or if you have any suggestions please let us know
An alternative solution could be an addon that detects image attachments based on file extension, and instead of attaching the picture it uploads the picture to a image directory and hotlinks the image via a regular URL in img tags. Seems like this may be easier perhaps