xF User Nr. 1000


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Hehe very nice dude, I like it. Mine is much lower then that.

Watch out or the fanatics will come and burn you alive for using thoose number :p


my user number ain't too shabby either :rolleyes:
It was 654 members, and I needed to get some sleep, I tried staying up but nodded off. Waking up few hours later to 673. Missed it.

The register field had all the details filled in for userid 666 username Devil
oh well :D Glad someone had the same humor.


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I hope (s)he will be a new member instead of someone looking for an artificial achievement. :rolleyes:


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* seeing an ad-layer floating over the screen, saying I'm visitor No. 1,000,000 and need to click to win the price * :D


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What's going to be the next major milestone? Member #1,500? Member #2,000?

The real test for this community, though, will be to see how long it takes to have 1,000+ truly active users. Quality trumps quantity every time.