MG 1.1 xF Media Import - Split Albums

Sean Engle

So I'm in the middle of testing for a upcoming migration and have been working on importing our vB4 albums into the Media Add-on that I purchased.

One issue I'm having is that the import split up all the vB4 albums - so that each image is now it's own album (no album has multiple images in it as it did in vB). I've run through the maintenance - but to no avail.

Can someone offer some advice on how to address this?


Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
That shouldn't be how the import process works. I've never seen the images get split up into different albums like you're suggesting.

All of the albums are imported and a map is built of the old album IDs and the newly imported album IDs, then all of the media is imported and the map is checked so that images in old album ID X are added to imported album ID Y.

Basically, this shouldn't happen. So, at this point, all I can think is there must be something wrong with the source data.

Do you have a more specific example which demonstrates specific albums and images in VB that have been imported wrongly to XFMG?

Sean Engle

Hi Chris - thanks for looking at this.

Actually, after looking at this, I think I realize that I was reading it wrong - that the "Media" landing page is actually just a summary of all images from across all the albums - and that you have to go into 'browse albums' to see the individual albums.

Ok - I withdraw the comment/issue... Sorry for pulling your attention away!