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XF Dummy Content ?


Well-known member
Hey all...

Taking a long shot here.. if what i need doesn't exist i will create and submit to the XF community shortly.

Basically i am wondering if anyone has a export of a populated forum... with a few of the popular mods installed ?

Thanks in advanced.. if no one has one they could provide me i will create and upload one in a few days time.

Regards, Darren


Well-known member
Hey Brogan..

Simply design aspects... I am trying to create a unified style and it seems if i style as i go i keep finding new bits and pieces.. even simple pagination is frustrating stumbling upon just when you think you have everything covered.

Almost at the point of paying someone to install content into XF / xenPorta / media / wiki <-- the more popular addon's by: http://xenforo.com/community/resources/authors/jaxel.1295/

Regards, Darren


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Why don't you just install it on localhost along with all of the add-ons you wish to style for?


Well-known member
yeah doing that now.. was just hoping maybe xf had one.. even forums populated, not to worry i will create a local and make one.. and also provide as a resource once made correctly. Cheers.