Style XF Designer & off-xf site work

Hi folks,

I'm looking for a designer for a paid commission to develop and maintain as needed a XF based forum theme. I'd also be looking for the design to be implemented and supplied working, not a PSD.

I did purchase Elegance Light as it was close to desirable, but not a drop in solution.

It's an established site of 12+years, currently on IPB. This then is part of migrating to XF. So our 'logo' and 'feel' is already loosely defined. Most of our UI has trended towards header and footer customisation to reduce the design burden/delay on ipb upgrades. This also allows mods to fit in fairly easily.

In addition to this I run a collection of supporting sites to the main site. These are presently themed via bootstrap incarnations. I'd like to create a off forum theme/design that works in harmony, but retains the bootstrap footings... Most of these other sites, I build from scratch with rails or now meteor. So I rely on the 'framework' of bootstrap to keep me straight on responsive stuff.

I'd also like to consider a 'stonking' home page, gloves off, free reign. Static and fast, great is all I say.

I consider the XF piece of greatest importance, the site is forums first and foremost. I also see this as an ongoing development opportunity, not just in XF terms. It's not the only forum estate I own.

I am UK based, ideally +/- timezones, it's also an international site; currently visible here:, Yeah, that home page is bad isn't it ;) I'm not a designer, I'm more black'nwhite with straight lines engineer (bootstrap works for me) but on paper/mind I can bend the lines.

I love AVforums unified feel, but... well lets see :)

I welcome comments and questions and suggestions of who to possibly approach.