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xF booked-marked to my FF toolbar :)

Discussion in 'XenForo Pre-Sales Questions' started by Russ, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. Russ

    Russ Well-Known Member

    Well it's official :), xF is now on my toolbar in Firefox. I find myself strangely attracted to this forum that it's a habit of checking it every time I sign on :)

    I love the FavIcon by the way! :cool:
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  2. Brandon_R

    Brandon_R Guest

    You need not bookmark your homepage.
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  3. Russ

    Russ Well-Known Member

    Haha :) well... my gaming community is my top priority but... I'll move the tab to the first position though!
  4. Princeton

    Princeton Well-Known Member

    ha, I have it bookmarked on my EVO and iPhone :D
  5. Disjunto

    Disjunto Well-Known Member

    I've actually got xf as a pinned tab on my Chrome... reopens with chrome now :D
  6. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

    XF has been on my toolbar since day 1. :p It has earned the coveted slot #3 after my own two forums. :cool:
  7. Erik

    Erik Well-Known Member

  8. Cezz

    Cezz Well-Known Member


    It is bookmarked on my HTC Desire
  9. Allan

    Allan Well-Known Member

    Me too ;)
  10. Disjunto

    Disjunto Well-Known Member

    Snap! ;)
  11. Let's just say when I type "x" the browser knows where to take me. :)
  12. Disjunto

    Disjunto Well-Known Member

    when I type 'x' my browser takes me to some other places... :p
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  13. Haha, for some reason, I knew I'd be opening that up to other stuff.
  14. Mark.B

    Mark.B Well-Known Member

    Been on my Chrome toolbar since the favicon was first put on.
  15. Disjunto

    Disjunto Well-Known Member

    been on mine since I first visited, just needed to put some text next to it, which ruins my bookmarks bar :)
  16. Brandon_R

    Brandon_R Guest

    Right-o, x is the magic letter :)
  17. TNCclubman

    TNCclubman Well-Known Member

    Awesome post, I was going to create the exact post a few days ago!

    Its made my elite cut of bookmarks in the toolbar on top of my firefox. Theres only 8 and its already there!
  18. KURTZ

    KURTZ Well-Known Member

    i've already created an xf folder ... and just put this board with some other blogs ... like xenaddicts ... xenfans ... and more ... LOL
  19. Forsaken

    Forsaken Well-Known Member

    CTRL+4 = Opera Speed Dial.

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