XF and what IM


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(I have no idea where to post things any more with the way the Addon/Resource thing is so no doubt the mods will move this to the right place)

Is anyone using an IM (Instant Messenger) application integrated with XF on their site? I am looking for recommendations of the best IM solution to have where users in the forums can say click an icon of a current online user and have a 1 to 1 instant chat.

I have a specific need on my site for one and not sure which ones are out there that can some how be used with XF...any suggestions?


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Thanks...I tried 123WebMessenger but had far too many problems even though I use their 123FlashChat Video Chat Room without issues. There is also Flashcoms that have a web messenger app and now as you have said CometChat.

I will look into Comet...are there any others?


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Cometchat seems to be the one most people use. And they also integrate in with the buddylists, avatars, and status updates to match.


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Thanks, just been reading the thread here on cometchat and many are reporting massive resource use.

The ones I have found so far are:
Flashcoms ($299 + $100 inst) - looks good, multi 1 to 1 conversations, video, file share, screen popup invite to receiver
123WebMessenger ($250 free inst) - looks good, video, file share, screen popup invite to receiver (caused issues when installed with XF but could be server related)
CometChat ($249 Prem inc free inst + $250 video) - plain footer bar, video (expensive), no screen popup but many other features (told it is a resource hog)
Arrow Chat ($295 as equiv to others inc free inst) - plain footer bar, video, no screen popup and other features (although login seems to be either via social media sites?)
Wibiya - monthly cost so probably rules this out
Envolve - monthly cost so probably rules this out

I have a server that has 16gig ram (using only 10%), 8 cores (server load 0.22) and a rmtp video streaming host using Influxis.



Wanted to inform you that CometChat is as efficient as any self-hosted solution can be. Our latest version (v4) is extremely fast and you should not face any load issues. Incase you do, you can always subscribe to our CometService (or alternatives) to offload 95% of the work to our servers.

We also have Facebook/Gtalk chat integration so that your users can chat with their Gtalk and Facebook friends directly from your xenForo site.

Also, you may want to begin with our Basic Edition ($49) and later upgrade once you are completely satisfied with CometChat's performance.

We do not actively monitor these forums, so feel free to contact us directly to clear out any misconceptions about our product: http://www.cometchat.com/contact


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Thanks CC
2 things that I have considered with CC:
1. To make it equivalent to the others (Flashcoms, 123WebMessenger etc) to have video makes CC a far far more expensive solution
2. If I wanted to "Socialise" my site up with say Wibiya where users have the ability by way of a user option to have the Wibiya bar, with all their "Social" activities (Facebook, Twitter etc etc), then this may cause a conflict with also having the CC footer bar.

I have been playing around with Wibiya and really starting to like it as an option to give my site users that want to turn it on, or for those not interested in it,...the power of it is that it can be given as an option rather then having it fixed for all users.


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I use 24IM as a truly instant chat like MSN only simpler, and I can create a private Department so my members are not lost in a big commercial network. It's a basic text chat but free and reliable, can have group chats, rooms, file transfer etc etc etc

For important meetings, courses and gatherings we use gchats Visichat. Not free but very reasonable price for a premium membership; has a lovely clean intuitive design and good fast support. Just about every custom twiddle you could want, and all the functions.


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Thanks Morgain...I currently have a full chat room feature on my site however what I am after is just a pure IM for my site. The site will have users, naturally, but also suppliers of products (sponsors). I want the users to be able to strike up an instant chat with a supplier so they can discuss the supplier's product and purchase when the supplier is on-line.

Many of the IMs around with social bars etc all use MSN, Facebook etc chat feature so the user, and supplier, both have to be registered on a social network which is a bummer as most users on my site stay very clear of the facebook, Twitter etc networks. I am looking for one that would integrate with the user base of my site.

I will add the Visichat Messenger product to my list...thanks


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No this isn't clear.
I use gchats Visichats for special meetings. I haven't used their site Messenger but going by the full chatrooms it's probably very good.

The 24IM messenger is different - we have it in use running all the time. It is independent of other networks like Facebook, MSN etc this is exactly why I favour it.
So you either run it off your database which means installing it on your site, or you can run a free hosted version.

Either way the service can be limited to ONLY your members. You can also create Departments: groups of your members who do not connect with another Department - I use this to separate my business and personal contacts. You can give permission to a usergroup to span Departments. It's very flexible.

THis last note may be irrelevant to you ibaker just adding for completeness for others.
I could integrate 24IM with my forum database, but I chose not to.
For one thing it is then another script I have to maintain on the site - I think so anyway, was a long time ago I first assessed it. Against that I have to set up member accounts myself but with a very small intensive support membership that's OK as I set up their forum accounts anyway. So I do them at the same time.
But my main reason to use the hosted version is that if the forums and/ or the chatrooms glitch I still have a backup communication system, with one to one and groups. Basic text only with fileshare, offline messagiing, desktop viewing, etc use as you wish.


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Thanks anyway Blue, greatly appreciated!

I have ruled out CometChat as the cost of it with Video, users can demonstrate something to the other user by video, is far far too much when comparing the price of the other products on the market that have video...however I do like the one feature CometChat has in the live creation of a text doc between users, although I don't see a need for it...just a nice to have feature.