XF 1.5 xf and other frameworks


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I use to build my pages with Zurb´s Foundation 6.
Normally i have a header and a footer and then i put both into my xenforo.
While i put them into different phrases i have language-support also.

Somehow this is really wonderful. But i have a big problem with the css.

A dirty solution is to put first the xenforo css, then foundation css and xenforo.css in EXTRA.css to overwrite the css from foundation.

Means that there is a collision between both css.

One big problem seems to be the "box-sizing";
if i use first xenforo css and then foundation css some things in the forum are not looking like normal.

This is why i have to set first xf, then foundation and some things in EXTRA.css

I have watched for another framework, while i finally found out that i only use the grid and really less things more, but i think all of them will use the box-sizing as foundation does it.

Maybe someone knows a framework without any collision with xenforo?
Maybe there is one made for working with xenforo?
Maybe there is a grid inside the xenforo.css?

Maybe less people have this problems, because the forum is the main part on their sites, but for my the forum is always only one part of my sites, so i need a main navigation at the top and a footer at the bottom and at least the css for both added to the xenforo css.
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